2007 PBAIC

2006 PBAIC

For the second year of the Pittsburgh Brain Activity Interpretation Competition (PBIAC), we will provide a novel data set and award $22,000 in prizes at OHBM for the best interpretation of the data.  Entrants will use fMRI data to predict what individuals perceive and how they act and feel in a novel Virtual Reality world involving searching for and collecting objects, interpreting changing instructions, and avoiding a threatening dog. Objective perception and response data to be predicted will be based on the VR world state, eye movements, and game input. Subjective features, such as arousal, will be based on continuous post-hoc ratings.

This year’s competition follows on the heels of the successful 2006 PBIAC, which involved prediction of the subjective experience of movie viewing from fMRI, with correlations sometimes exceeding the level of inter-rater reliability (r>.8). The competition generated widespread interest as evident by 25,000 website hits and 273 groups in 31 countries downloading fMRI data sets. It was judged by a board of experts from the field of neuroimaging and included an objective scoring method. The competition attracted coverage in the popular and scientific press, was reported to have advanced the field, and has been held up as a model for scientific competitions (see What's on your mind? Nature Neuroscience 2006, Vol. 8, p. 981).

Walter Schneider & Greg Siegle
Program Chairs
Pittsburgh Brain Activity Interpretation Competition

Official score submission for the 2006 PBAIC is now closed, but you may continue to submit your results for automatic scoring. This page is provide to allow you to continue to refine your methods. You may submit once every 7 days. Movie3 Automatic Scoring Submission Page - You must be a registered user to submit results.


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